Welcome to the website of Mestieri-Seidl Law Firm, especialized in international relationships.

The Mestieri-Seidl Law Office, specialized in International Law, is based in Germany and in Brazil. In cooperation with other partners in several countries, it ensures fast procedures for our foreign clients, contacts with our clients, orders of preparatory arrangements and documentation. All legal procedures involving the aforementioned countries are performed by our firm.

In a cooperation system or independently, we are specialists who perform the following procedures:

1. Homologation Process of foreign sentences for the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice;
Lawsuits that were on trial abroad also need to be homologated in Brazil by the Superior Court of Justice to have validity and practicability. Clients from Brazil, all European countries and the United States can be assisted by our firm in this procedure of Foreign Sentence Homologation.

2. Corporate legal consultancy;
Legal analysis for clients aiming to work in the European oder Brasilian market, but that are not familiar with the laws of these countries, development of pre-analysis of procedures, costs, taxes, and corporate modalities.

3. Establishment of enterprises in Europe and in Brazil;
Establishment of Brazilian and European enterprises, creation of foreign branches in Europe and in Brazil, joint ventures, representation of enterprises, equity company, representation in public agencies, contacts with foreign partners and suppliers, requirement of housing authorization to partners and employees.

4. Lawsuits in Brazil, Germany, Switzerland and Austria;
Lawsuits and judicial or extrajudicial issues for clients located in these countries.

5. Legal consultancy in private law;
Hereditary right of clients in European countries, and in Brazil, inventory, divorce, foreign and international law issues, visas, etc

6. German family law lawsuits;
Binational divorces between couples with double nationality (German and Brazilian), foods, custody of minors, right of visits. Binational couples have a special issue regarding their marriage, which should be analyzed by a firm specialized in international marriages.

7. Processes of Brazilian and European citizenship and double nationality;
Procedure of Brazilian and European citizenship for foreign citizens with German, Austrian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Swiss origin, search of birth and wedding certificates, process elaboration, legalization, and full assistance in Europe for European descendants living in foreign countries.

8. Acquisition of documents from public agencies;
Official, legal or evidential documents of rights are required by the agency in which the document is located or files in its respective country

9. Migratory rights of foreigners;
Visa requirements and stay, housing or work permits are executed in countries covered by our firm. They are directly followed in foreign agencies, which implies a faster process, as well as flexibility to meet the demands of the required country.

10. Purchase process of real state in Brazil;
Our activity during the purchase process of real state in Brazil includes the analysis of the realty legal information, the Client representation so that a pre-agreement is signed and a Client representation so that the realty deed is signed.